3 Pioneering Moves In Nutrition

September 1, 2022

Pioneering Nutrition through Innovation

What gets you up every day and excited about your work? For the EnviroStar team, it is solving problems and helping drive nutrition through innovation. Here’s a look inside our lab at some of the ways the team is helping others get results:

  • Probiotic beverage stick pack
    The probiotic world comes to grow as more consumers seek health-infused beverages to improve their digestive health. This market has been primarily driven by liquid beverages that require refrigeration and have a limited shelf life.

    EnviroStar came alongside a beverage innovator to develop a powder product that is water-soluble and carries an extended shelf-life. With EnviroStar’s ingredient formulation and spray drying technology, the company is pioneering a probiotic stick pack that can be added to 16 ounces of water to create a refreshing and healthy beverage.
  • Antibody treatment
    New antibody therapies continue to be developed, leveraging the power of the proteins developed by the immune system to help the body fight infection, cancer and other diseases.

    With research results for a new proposed antibody therapy for a human borne virus, EnviroStar developed a proof of concept for an edible, shelf-stable treatment. It would enable patients to gain relief easily and faster. Together, the companies worked through feasibility, including confirming the viability of the anti-body proteins with the western blot test, before optimizing the product for release.

  • Liquid tea turn powder
    A national tea manufacturer had been working with a leading research university to develop a powder pack version of its popular bottle tea. The catch? The company did not want to sacrifice its beloved flavor for the convenience of a powdered version. It was proving challenging so the company called on EnviroStar.

    Within days, EnviroStar produced a product that replicated the flavor and quality of its popular bottled product giving consumers more options to bring their favorite beverage anywhere.
[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]“We thrive off a good challenge,” EnviroStar CEO Clint Buchner said. “When others have said something cannot be done, we welcome the opportunity to prove them wrong. Whether it’s developing something new, doing it faster or with increased efficiency, we enjoy solving problems for our clients and helping them do what once they only imagined.”

Bringing Ideas to Market
What’s an idea you’ve had? Whether you’ve been working on it for a while or recently gained inspiration, the EnviroStar team welcomes the opportunity to help you solve a problem, and bring a new product to market.
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