Minnesota Legalizes Edible Cannabinoid Products

June 14, 2022

The law revises the definition of consumable cannabinoid containing products and clarifies the manufacturing, labeling, and packaging requirements. It also requires that it be produced in combination with other ingredients that are considered safe by the FDA which are produced in a facility approved and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

“Minnesota is setting the stage to set a food safety precedent by using this approach to approving cannabinoids in edible products,” EnviroStar CEO Clint Buchner said. “If Minnesota continues its pragmatic approach, cannabinoid products manufactured in Minnesota will be the safest in the United States.”

The changes facilitate a future transition to a new cannabis management office at the state level or for oversight under the Department of Agriculture. Both concepts had been discussed during the lawmaking process. It’s likely this will be revisited in a future legislative session and give way to continued regulatory developments.

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  • Clear labeling so consumers know what they are getting and how to use it.
  • Sets legal age of 21 to purchase these products and establishes labeling and packaging standards to help ensure children are not accidentally exposed.
  • Clarifies and expands testing requirements for manufacturers, in line with traditional food products.
  • Makes it legal to sell products containing up to 5mg of THC per serving and up to 10 servings per package.
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Currently, EnviroStar is the only organization licensed to manufacture food products in Minnesota with extensive experience developing safe cannabis products in adherence to food safety requirements, including dosing, labeling, and packaging requirements.

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To take advantage of this opportunity, begin working on edible or beverage products now. EnviroStar can assist with formulation and expedite the go-to-market, with experience in a variety of product formats. EnviroStar has the ability to help a company bring a new product to market in 4-6 weeks in many cases.

Contact us with your product idea. Together, we can work to bring your product to consumers.